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ABC Agents Will Enforce Alcohol Beverage Control & DUI Laws this Labor Day Weekend

On August 28, 2018, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control ("ABC") has announced its agents will visit local drinking establishments and large venues this Labor Day weekend to promote DUI prevention. ABC agents will attempt to prevent disorderly activity, underage drinking and intoxicated patrons from being served alcohol. These enforcement efforts will be targeting both the 91,000 ABC licensed businesses and its patrons.

Driving Under the Influence ("DUI") stats from January to July 2018 per ABC:

•       CHP alone made more than 32,000 DUI arrests, mainly for alcohol intoxication

ABC recommends these safe alternatives to drinking and driving:

•       PLAN AHEAD:  Plan a safe way home before the fun begins.

•       DESIGNATE A DRIVER:  Before drinking, designate a sober driver.

•       VOLUNTEERING TO BE A SOBER DRIVER? The Office of Traffic Safety Designated Driver – Very Important Person (DDVIP) program partners with bars and restaurants to offer nonalcoholic specialty drinks for DDs, among other deals: To learn more about DDVIP and other OTS awareness, education and enforcement campaigns, visit, as well as the OTS Facebook and Twitter pages: and

•       DRUGS, MEDICATION & ALCOHOL CAN EQUAL CRASHES:  Statistics have revealed that 30 percent of drivers in fatal collisions had one or more drugs in their systems. A study of active drivers showed more tested positive for drugs that may impair driving (14 percent) than did for alcohol (7.3 percent).  Of the drugs, marijuana was most prevalent, at 7.4 percent, slightly more than alcohol.

•       REPORT DRUNK DRIVERS:  If you happen to see a drunk driver on the road, don’t hesitate – “Report Drunk Drivers! Call 911!”  The call you make may save a life!

And, be reminded that not all DUIs involve only alcohol. Per the ABC and OTS (Office of Traffic Safety), "DUI Doesn't Just Mean Booze." DUI law includes prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and Marijuana use. Because of the new California laws that allow recreational use, users of Marijuana should take the same preventive precautions of persons consuming alcohol when contemplating driving home after a night out.

The Department's statistics show that drunk-driving deaths are 100% preventable. Thus, its in everybody's best interests to avoid DUIs.

DDVIP Program: "The California Office of Traffic Safety DDVIP (Designated Driver VIP) mobile app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices. The DDVIP app offers to “Map a Spot” with their current location to find DDVIP partnering establishments in their area or a “List of Spots” to search all participating bars and restaurants throughout California. Also through the app, for those who want to make it a point to plan ahead, users can easily order a sober ride.

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