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Karaoke Café Busted for Drugs and Prostitution [10-04-18]

On October 04, 2018, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agents arrested four individuals for illegal drug sales and prostitution at a karaoke music studio located in Downtown, Oakland. The men arrested included: Charlie Phuc Ngo, 29, of Sacramento for felony sales of narcotics, felony conspiracy, and maintaining a house of prostitution; Jinghan Liu, 27, of Hayward was arrested for felony sales of narcotics and felony pimping and pandering; Ying Liu, 41, of Oakland was arrested for felony sales of narcotics; and Wei Na Hu, 23, of Oakland was charged for prostitution.  In addition to the arrests, ABC Agents served a search warrant at the business and confiscated cash and narcotics found on the premises.

The busted Karaoke is known as "Music Café" located at 251 Ninth Street in Oakland, CA per the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. An undercover operation was conducted at the location, which eventually led to the arrests at the karaoke cafe. The service of the search warrant to search the premises were assisted by the Oakland Police Department, which uncovered cash and drugs.

The undercover operation was initiated at Music Café after an investigation was opened due to citizen complaints alleging illegal drug activity, sales of minors, and loud music. The ABC investigation was a three month undercover operation, where law enforcement was able to purchase illegal drugs including cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine, often referred to as Special K, K, Super C, Cat Valium, Jet, Super acid, or Green from the employees of the establishment. Moreover, ABC Agents were solicited for prostitution by the karaoke employees.

In addition, the karaoke cafe were alleged to sell alcohol after two a.m., which is a violation of California state law.

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