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[UPDATE: Effective January 1, 2019] California has Revised the DUI IID Ignition Interlock Device Law

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A DMV report issued in June found that for:

  • First DUI offenders: IIDs are 74 percent more effective than license suspension in preventing repeat offenses

  • Second DUI offenders: IIDs are 70 percent more effective than license suspension in preventing repeat offenses

  • Third and subsequent offenders: pilot program IID drivers have a significantly lower odds or hazards of a subsequent DUI conviction and DUI incidents

Based on statistics, California enacted SB 1046, which enables the current pilot program to run for another two years (Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento & Tulare Counties).

Starting January 1, 2019, the administrative pilot expands statewide with minor modifications that requires an IID:

  • A First DUI with Injury: 6 months

  • A First DUI: 6 months with full driving privileges or 1 year restricted license that would allow only driving to and from work if the offender also participates in a treatment program

  • A Second DUI: 12 months

  • A Third DUI: 24 months


  • A Fourth DUI: 36 months


The statewide pilot includes an incentive to DUI offenders who choose to install an IID soon after their arrest: They are allowed full driving privileges with installation and use of an IID, and their ultimate IID time requirement is to be reduced based on their early installation of the device prior to conviction (Day for Day credit).

The new law includes an indigent program, 10%, 25%, 50% or 90% of the IID costs depending on the offender's income. The IID provider absorbs the remainder of the cost. The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) can impose a $1,000 fine on manufacturers that fail to inform clients of the indigent program or fail to comply with the indigent program.

The new law also requires the California Transportation Agency to conduct a study of the statewide pilot program and submit a report to the Legislature by January 1, 2025. The expanded pilot program ends on January 1, 2026, unless the Legislature extends or modifies it.

How to get your driver's license quickly in California:

  1. Enroll into a DUI program

  2. Get SR-22 Insurance

  3. Resolve outstanding DMV suspensions and/or fines paid

  4. Install an IID from a certified installer

  5. Submit DL920 From to a DMV field office and pay applicable fees and other forms as necessary

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